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Apple's Big Move: Siri Smarter and Safer with New AI Tech

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Apple’s Big Plan for Smarter Siri in 2024

Apple is stepping up its game in the world of artificial intelligence (AI), and it’s got some exciting things planned for us in 2024. At the big tech event WWDC 2024, we’re going to hear a lot about AI. It seems like Apple’s ready to show off some cool new tricks.

There’s talk about Apple working on a new AI model that’s supposed to be even better and quicker than ChatGPT. This new model, called ReALM, is going to make Siri a lot smarter. Siri is Apple’s helper on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac that you can talk to.

What’s really cool about Apple’s new AI is that it wants to keep everything on your device. This means that Apple can make sure everything runs smoothly and keep your information safe and private. People who know a lot about tech say this new ReALM model is doing things better than ChatGPT 4, and it doesn’t even need as much computer power. This is great because it means your iPhone can handle it all by itself.

With this new AI, Apple’s planning to change pictures into words so that ReALM can understand and do things faster and better. This could make the next iPhone update, iOS 18, really special because Siri will be able to do more things for you.

For example, if you tell Siri to call a phone number you found on a website, this new AI model can help Siri understand that number as text and make the call right away. You won’t have to repeat yourself or explain anything extra to Siri.

Apple’s move in 2024 is all about making Siri smarter in a way that’s also safe and private for everyone. It looks like Siri is going to get a major upgrade, and we can’t wait to see what it can do.