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agi greenpac share price

img of agi greenpac share price

Agi greenpac share price

For investors considering AGI Greenpac, it’s notable that the stock has seen a slight uptick of 0.36%, trading at Rs 771.65, which is a minor increase from its previous close. This trading activity occurred within a range of Rs 776.45 and Rs 761.40. Despite a yearly decline of 7.05%, the stock has shown resilience with a 2.72% increase over the past five days.

The financial health of AGI Greenpac appears robust, as evidenced by a reported net profit of Rs 67.12 crores in its most recent quarterly earnings.

When compared to its competitors, AGI Greenpac’s performance is mixed. For instance, EPL experienced a slight decrease of 0.77%, while Jai Corporation saw a significant rise of 4.99%. Among its listed peers, AGI Greenpac itself marked an increase of 0.36%.

An essential aspect for investors to consider is the company’s shareholding structure, with a significant portion of 60.24% being held by promoters, and the remaining 39.76% by the public. Of particular interest might be the movement in institutional holdings; mutual fund (MF) investments have marginally declined to 0.06% as of 31 December 2023, whereas foreign institutional investor (FII) holdings have increased to 7.60% in the same period.

This detailed shareholding and performance data suggest that AGI Greenpac is navigating its market position with moderate success, showing some levels of investor confidence, especially from FIIs. Investors should consider these dynamics alongside broader market conditions and individual investment strategies.

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